About Us
We have built a network of high traffic locations that allow both the Vendor site and the advertising Customer to enjoy profit margin growth, website traffic expansion, larger distribution of service, corporate brand expansion, notification of services, broadcast of entertainment promotion and higher inventory turns for corporate customers. If you need advertising you gain!
Our clients range from home based business, corner stores, local markets, mall locations, small businesses, entertainment promotion, professional sports, charity promotion, church service, bars, internet based companies, individuals, corporations and franchises, to lost & found ads.
Our Competition :
  • Outdoor Billboards cost about $800/week and are only seen by speeding cars typically 2 secs
  • Radio advertisements are not visual. They do not convey the message to you customer with clarity and cost $3,000 to $5,000 per month
  • Television is great however the cost of creating and publishing a commercial is very expensive. Airtime on television can cost thousands of dollars per month and are channel/viewing time/slot availability specific
  • Mailing lists only recieve about 1% feedback of the customers they are sent to
  • With traditional print ads you have 3 disadvantages
  1. You depend on a customer to physically pick up the paper your ad is placed in
  2. You depend on the customer to be looking for your particular service/product as they scan the paper
  3. Image ads are costly, typically black and white, and don't give a clear physical description of your service/product.
Ceasar Entertainment Network Advantage
  1. Our ads are very cost effective no matter the size of the Business requiring our service
  2. Your ad is exactly what you want, in vivid color appealing directly to your customers
  3. Customers are viewing your ads immediately, without searching and while they wait with cell phone in hand to view your website or call you direct
  4. Instore advertising has a built in customer base that is already in the store with money in hand. Vendors don't have to try to lure customers into the location, they are already there looking for products to buy.
  5. Ad changes and publishing are quick which gives customers extreme flexibility in getting their message out immediately.
  6. Increased long term viewing means increased revenue, client base, and website traffic.